July 23, 2017


Why a Bible theme?

It is rare to find a board game with a Bible theme. It is even more so to find one that also happens to be good. Most Bible themed games tend to fall under the "trivia" or "roll and move" genre. While such games have their place, our goal is to create a game that will challenge your mind to think strategically. We also desire to make a game the entire family can enjoy.  Portals and Prophets is designed with the rich history of biblical stories as a backdrop, but it is so much more than that. We strive first to ensure the game is fun. No biblical knowledge is required to play the game. But as you play you will become familiar with the geography, events, and chronology of biblical events.

What are the benefits of a Bible themed strategy game?

The game features over 100 events found within the pages of the Scriptures. There's events from the Old Testament, starting in Genesis. And events from the New Testament, including events from Jesus' life and the early church. Popular Bible stories such as Daniel in the Lion's Den and David and Goliath are included, but you will also encounter more obscure stories such as Sanballat's plot to hinder Nehemiah from rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem. Flavor text is included on each card, providing a little more insight into the event. The card also includes a reference so if you're curious about a story you can read about it in the Bible. 

Learn when Bible events occurred

Each event card indicates the century when the biblical event occurred. Playing the game will familiarize you with not only with an event, but also when it happened in biblical chronology. You will learn that Jonah lived before Queen Esther and that Samson lived after Joshua. And you start picking up on this by simply playing the game. 

Where did Bible events happen?

The game board is a map of Israel. As you search the board for locations, you will start memorizing the names of towns, mountains, and rivers mentioned in the Bible and their geographical position in Israel. You won't even have to try to learn it. It's one of the side effects of playing the game. After a few games you will be able to pin point Mount Gilboa, Hebron, and Nazareth within seconds.