July 23, 2017



simple gameplay


On your turn you have 4 actions that you can choose from the following options.

1. Choose a card and place it in your hand
2. Move your pawn to an adjacent location
3. Play a card from your hand to score points

You choose the event cards you wish to attempt to witness. You travel to where those events occurred. You witness the event by playing the card and scoring points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. 


But that's not all there is to it. To play a card you must be in the correct location and be in the right time period.

Each round the time capsule moves 1 century forward in time. Planning is required to time your trip perfectly so that when you arrive at a location the time capsule is in the correct century so that you can play your event card.

Gameplay - planning is crucial
Gameplay is all about timing


Add power to the time capsule so that you can expand the range of the portal and play cards outside the current century. To power the capsule you must discard cards from your hand. The number of fuel icons on the card indicate how many additional centuries the portal can reach by discarding that card. Figuring out when you should power the portal or when to change tactics can be a bit of a time twister.


Set collection is an important part of this game. Some event cards have symbols on them. At the end of the game, points are awarded for each symbol category to the player with the most symbols in a particular category. This is a critical to solidify victory in 2 or 3 symbol categories, otherwise it could cost you the game.

Collect symbols to win bonus points
Good gameplay is efficient gameplay


Try to draw cards with close proximity to each other, both in their geographical location and their time period. You must balance this however, with traveling to all regions of the board throughout the game to receive a regional bonus.

The key is to minimize the time you spend moving on the board, rather than playing cards and scoring points.