Portals and Prophets has been a long journey for me.

Some might say it started 18 months ago when I created my first prototype of the game. But, in reality it started before the inception of the idea had entered my consciousness.

Growing up I loved playing games. My family would often sit around a table on Friday nights. I’d run downstairs and pull out one of the couple dozen board games from the shelf. But I could never quite bring myself to play the game that was given to me. By the second time playing, I often had changes I wanted to implement because I insisted it would “make the game better.”

I soon got into designing my own games. Every Christmas it was a tradition that I would bring a new game to the family gathering for everyone to try. I could spend hours every night pouring over one of my creations. One of my four sisters was often my guinea pig when it came to play testing my ideas.

As I grew, I not only became passionate about game design, but also my relationship with God. There are two events in my life that had a large part in the creation of Portals and Prophets.

The first event began in 2011 when Paul Bramsen asked me to join him in creating a film based on his book, King of Glory. This “film” developed into a movie that was two years in the making. As I edited each of the 70 stories, I gained a fresh appreciation for looking at the Bible from a chronological perspective.

The other event occurred in 2014 when I visited the Holy Land. I witnessed the places that Jesus would have walked. I stood on the very ground that so many exciting Biblical events took place. How cool it would be to actually be there witnessing those events in person.

Embarking on the Journey

Upon returning from the Holy Land, I started imagining a board game that would feature a map of Israel, a set of biblical event cards, and a gameplay that involved traveling around the map to witness the events. I shared my initial thoughts with a friend, David Nicholson, who got excited and started helping me identify biblical events I could include in the game.

Armed with an initial concept and set of events, a strategy game was conceived. I continued to playtest the game dozens, even hundreds of times over the next year and a half. Many nights were spent on the phone with my dad, brainstorming how to tweak and improve the game.

Over time, the rules became more concrete. I’m now happy with how the game has developed. Hundreds of hours, and the support of family and friends have gotten the game to where it is today.

Please join me on my journey as I seek to finalize the game and bring it to market so that families all around the world can enjoy it.